Breakout Liverpool RSS Feed RSS feed for Breakout Liverpool en-us Copyright (C) 2014 Breakout Liverpool Blog Entry No.1 Having spent the last ten months challenging the people of Manchester we broke out on Saturday 7th March and headed on a road trip down the A580. We ended up at Breakout Liverpool where we thought it would be fun to challenge you too! We are a live escape room game based on Sir Thomas Street where we allow members of the public to attempt to break out of our rooms. You have 60 minutes to solve a series of different puzzles and clues and attempt to escape, itrsquo;s a race against time and a test of your patience but yet thoroughly enjoyable and exciting. There are three different rooms at Breakout Liverpool, two taken from Breakout Manchester, Sabotage and Classified and our newest room which opened on Saturday 14th March, Shipwrecked. Sabotage sees you going deep behind enemy territory to stop a missile strike and you have 60 minutes before launch. The classified room see's players sitting their final entrance exam to become a secret agent. You must escape from the room to pass the exam. This is Breakout's most explosive and technologically advanced room yet! Think James Bond, Jack Bauer and Lara Croft. Shipwrecked seersquo;s you climbing aboard the wreckage of Captain Chiverrsquo;s ship in hope of escaping with his most prized and valuable treasure before his ghost that endlessly haunts the ship finds you, and drags you down into his watery grave. Are you brave enough to come down and attempt to escape? Mon, 30 Mar 2015 18:54:32 +0000 Breakout Liverpool's New Room- Wanted So here at Breakout Liverpool we decided that 3 rooms weren't enough so decided to open up a 4th!nbsp; This room is extra special though as there are two stories to it and you can choose which side to play, Cowboy or Indian. Having these options gives the room replay value which is very rare in the escape game world. The Cowboy side has around a 70% success rate which means it's a great room to start with if you are new to escape rooms. The Indian side has around a 5% success rate which is proving to be one of our hardest rooms yet! Not to give anything away too much but the Cowboy side, you got too drunk in the saloon and lost your favourite gun. The Indians are locked away and have to breakout out of a prison cell.nbsp; We've had great feedback so far from the customers and staff who have played it. Why not give it a try and book now at breakoutliverpool.comnbsp; Mon, 01 Jun 2015 18:48:47 +0000 Breakout Franchise Here at Breakout we like to keep things close and personal, that's why 6 of our rooms have been created internally by Breakout Manchester and Breakout Liverpool. Over the past yearnbsp;Breakout Manchesternbsp;and Liverpoolnbsp;have become a one of the most succesful escape rooms in the UK and we believe that's down to the excellent design flow and unique story lines that are the key to our success. You can now purchase any of our 6 rooms tonbsp;franchisenbsp;and start up your own escape room anywhere in the world. We will help you every step of the way by adapting each room to the space avaliable, we will also send experienced members of staff over to you to assist you with the set up and answer any questions you may have. We can also provide a consultation to help make your centre become as successful with a personal marketing plan. We have already franchised some of our rooms to Finland and Crete.nbsp; For more information visit our website,nbsp;www.theescaperoomfranchise.comnbsp; Any enquries about this drop us an email atnbsp;hello@breakoutliverpool.comnbsp; Fri, 26 Jun 2015 11:50:16 +0000 Manager's Stories Being a manager here at Breakout we get to see and hear some very interesting things, from and staff and customers. When one of our managers Kate first started she thought she was doing a good deed and started to water the plants. These plants are in fact fake and she didn't realise until someone else told her. Kate also used mouth spray for a week thinkng it was hand sanitiser. Another highlight was when she was told to tidy our storage cupboard and came across a brick, instead of throwing it away she decided to tidy it away in a drawer. Our Liverpool Centre Manager Dan forgot to insert paper into a laminating sheet and put it through alone. Safe to say this did not work, it melted and broke. One of our game operators Jenah thought you had to pre-charge rechargable batteries before use. Simon one of the game operators came out with this classic quote when someone was ill in the office "DON'T COME NEAR ME I HAVEN'T GOT THE ANTI BODIES AND I HAVE A WEDDING IN TWO WEEKS" Frankie a game operator was told to use double sided tape but started trying to peel black duct tape and was wondering why it wasn't working! Here at Breakout we don't have a great concept of size when ordering items for our rooms. Many items have arrived smaller then we anticipated like posters, photo frames, name badges and "life size skeletons". We also like to play tricks on each other like scaring each other but the best and most deadliest thing you could do here is.... leave your facebook page logged in. The customers also keep us entertained, especially when they turn up dressed as Ginger Spice or arrive straight after their wedding ceremony all dressed up. Mon, 03 Aug 2015 15:03:18 +0000 The most FUN team building activity!! Breakout isn't just great for friends and families it is great for work colleagues and team building events too! How is Breakout good for this? Our rooms are perfect for team building activities nbsp;as it requires groups to get stuck in and work as a team. The puzzles require mental ability including numerical, problem solving, riddles and common sense. In all of our rooms we have CCTV to give assistance throughout the game. If a team look like they are struggling or need pushing in the right direction we can send them cryptic clues via a television screen with an alert sound. Itrsquo;s something unique to get the groups to work together under pressure but is also a lot of fun. If you would like to observe teams inside the rooms we can allow managers to watch the games from the control room to see how their teams work together. Our rooms are also great for icebreakers as being locked in a room requires you to problem solve and work together to escape. Competition nbsp; Our rooms bring a sense of competition to the teams as we can race teams against each other in different rooms, although the rooms differ in difficulty. To give everyone the same great experience, if one team are in a more difficult room we can provide more assistance then we would to a team in an easier room. If you book multiple rooms we can alternate the groups between the rooms throughout the course of the day. Escape times For each teams we record the escape times so if required we can forward these on to you along with the team photos so you have these on record. Prices Off Peak (Monday 10.30am - Friday 5pm) 2ppl - pound;36 (pound;18 per person) 3ppl - pound;45 (pound;15 per person) 4ppl - pound;56 (pound;14 per person) 5ppl - pound;60 (pound;12 per person) nbsp; Peak (Friday 5pm - Sunday 9.30pm) 2ppl - pound;40 (pound;20 per person) 3ppl - pound;48 (pound;16 per person) 4ppl - pound;60 (pound;15 per person) 5ppl - pound;70 (pound;14 per person) nbsp; For more information contact us directly on 01512271765 or nbsp; Wed, 26 Aug 2015 13:21:17 +0000 Charity Day #2 Last month Breakout hosted another charity day across both of our sites. Here in Liverpool all our proceeds went toward the Imagine If Trust and in our Manchester site we supported The Christie.nbsp; Lots of fun was had by all who cam to play and in Liverpool we raised a total of nbsp;pound;870 for Imagine If, and the two charity teams both managed to Breakout! Imagine If A Liverpool based charity, Imagine If support various areas of the community, seeking to cover a large range of issues and improve the lives of those they reach.nbsp; Spanning from raising money for families, those in debt to refugees and asylum seekers. Social Media On the day we took to social media and posted regular updates on how the day was going and it was a huge success. nbsp; Tue, 17 Nov 2015 18:21:53 +0000 Breakout Liverpool 5 rooms! Here at Breakout Liverpool we have 5 completely themed rooms for you to choose from. Ranging from 3 star to 5 star difficulty. So we have plenty of choice for hardcore puzzlers and beginners.nbsp; Shipwrecked: This room is great for beginners and is a 3 star level difficulty. It is also a family friendly room so is great for children to get involved. Classified: This room is good for players who haven't played before who want a challenge but not too much of one. This is a 4 star difficulty level and is our most popular room.nbsp; Wanted: This room is extra special as it has two storylines for you to choose from! The Cowboy side is slightly easier at a 4 star level and is very popular. The Indian side is a lot harder and a 5 star difficulty level. We are one of the first escape room companies in the North West to do this. The Facility: This room has a horror aspect to it and isn't suitable for under 16's. The puzzles in this room are our most techonolgical yet and the look of the room is completely different to all our others. This is a 4 star difficulty level.nbsp; Sabotage: This room is perfect for people looking for a challenge! It's a 5 star difficutly level and is our hardest room with a 20% success rate. So now you have a little extra information about the rooms go to our website www.breakoutliverpool.comnbsp;and BOOK NOW!!!nbsp; Thu, 07 Jan 2016 16:49:23 +0000 Dare you try to break the curse? The carnival is coming to Liverpool but its cursed ndash; do you dare to break the curse? You and your friends have won yourself a prize at the local carnival but it seems to be a prize with a difference. Since you took it home you've been plagued by strange dreams accompanied by a haunting voice that continues to tell you to return your prizenbsp;within 7 days.nbsp;You return to the site of the carnival on the 7th daynbsp;and enter the old repair shed where you must solve the mystery with only an hour left before the clock strikesnbsp;midnight. Can you break the cursenbsp;in 60 minutesnbsp;or will your nightmares really come true...? Roll up! Roll up! Cursed Carnival has arrived at Breakout Liverpool. Return to the carnival; solving puzzles, riddles and challenges along your way to help you escape from becoming cursed forevermore. You have been warned! Cursed Carnival is Breakout Liverpoolrsquo;s 6thnbsp;new room and will be opening on the 18th March but is available to book now if you are up to the challenge... Mon, 14 Mar 2016 15:13:44 +0000 Charitable Connections Hello, nbsp; On Thursday 21stnbsp;April 2016, Breakout Manchester and Liverpool are hosting a charity day which we would love you to be part of. nbsp; In 2015, Breakout contacted some local charities and gave them our rooms for a day. This altered nothing from our end of the as these rooms would be running anyway, we took them off the booking system, told the charities our prices and let them book the slots themselves and take the money we would have received as a direct donation. In both Manchester and Liverpool we have worked with charities such as The Christie, Joining Jack, Parkinsonrsquo;s UK, Barnardo's, Imagine If Trust and many more. nbsp; For this April, we are proposing that we go national and get as many exit games involved and have a day dedicated to giving to charity. We at Breakout were wondering if you would be interested in giving some or all of your rooms to charities of your choosing on this day? nbsp; Please see a link to our article on Exit Games ( about our national charity day and if you would like to get involved please reply to this message for more information. nbsp; We do hope you get involved. nbsp; Thank you, nbsp; Breakoutnbsp; Tue, 19 Apr 2016 14:01:26 +0000 Birthday Reflections It was recently Breakoutrsquo;s second birthday as a company, this tends to be a time where we sit back and consider the year and our time in general. For those of you that have been with Breakout Liverpool since our beginning, you may remember that we are the second Breakout centre in the UK; we actually started in Manchester with two games (John Monroersquo;s Detective Office and Virus), three members and staff and a director. For those of you that have only found us more recently, that was genuinely where we began. What people may not know is that John Monroe was a franchised room, as we wanted to make sure we started the company with a game that worked and we couldnrsquo;t mess up. Wersquo;ve just regenerated that game so itrsquo;s no longer the original game we franchised, but recognising our starting point is important to us and really serves to show how far wersquo;ve come. We started with 2 rooms in an old hair dressing academy in Manchester city centre. By the end of August 2014, wersquo;d opened up a new room (MADchester) which from concept to completion was completely internal. We designed MADchester to be fiendishly difficult and with nervous anticipation opened it to the public to see if we got it right. We definitely had, nearly two years later, MADchester still retains its average of a 10% success rate. From developing MADchester, we went on to open Sabotage, another 5* room, this time our director worked with staff interested in game development, so they could see what that entailed. Despite its difficulty level, Sabotage remains one of our most popular games, something about stopping a missile launch and saving the day must really appeal to people. It was our next phase which really saw us cutting our teeth on something new. We created a pop-up site further down Deansgate in Manchester at the Great Northern. Not only was a pop up a potential risk, but the two games it held were identical. That might seem like a silly idea, but we actually created the concept of a race game, where teams could book both rooms at the same time and directly race each other to the endpoint. Again, people seemed to jump on this idea and Classified remained popular for the entirety of its existence. As Classified was coming to an end, we werenrsquo;t willing to slow down our development and rebuilt the very large Virus room, making way for the new Infiltrate as well. Our next adventure was even more exciting and scary than the Classified project, we opened a whole new site in a whole new city. February 2015 saw several of the, now, well established Manchester team head to Liverpool to open a new centre here. Unlike when we opened Manchester, we were no longer brand new to the game and opened with 3 games, two from Manchester (Sabotage and Classified) and a brand new one exclusive to Liverpool. We quickly opened a fourth room in Liverpool with The Facility, a horror room and our first to have an age restriction! Again several months later, Liverpool opened its fifth room, Wanted, and now matched the flagship Manchester centre in size. This fifth room in Liverpool was not only well themed, but also had another new twist that wersquo;ve never seen anywhere else. Wanted is a really fun Wild West theme, but, without giving anything away, you also pick a side before entry and play a game based on that. You can play Most Wanted twice and play a completely different game each time! After a few months to finally breathe, sit back and realise what wersquo;d manage to create in 18 months, we jumped straight back into development and opened a whole second site in Manchester on High Street. Unlike the Classified site, this site is not a pop up and we intend to be around for as long as the contract allows. We opened High Street with three games; another Monroersquo;s Detective Office, Vacancy and Facility X (a similar theme to Liverpoolrsquo;s The Facility game, but with completely different game play and puzzles). We didnrsquo;t stop there though and within two months opened Most Wanted (again, a similar theme to Wantedrsquo;s popular theme in Liverpool, but thatrsquo;s where the gamersquo;s similarity ends). Most Wanted saw another new concept for Breakout as it introduced a leader-board and our first game where escaping is not the only objective. Hot off the heels of Most Wanted, we then launched Cursed Carnival in Liverpool, another creepy room with brilliant theming. Cursed Carnivalrsquo;s opening also means that Liverpool is now the biggest Breakout Centre, with six rooms. When you see this all written down, it really does make you sit back and realise how much wersquo;ve achieved in such a short space of time and how much wersquo;ve grown as a company and as professionals. Every promotion within Breakout has been internal and all our higher management, including franchising, training and development, PR and centre managers started as game operators. Even outside of management, Breakout allows people to push their potential. When I mentioned Sabotage before, I stated how the director worked with staff in its creation, but from Classified onwards he allowed people with a passionate idea to create rooms they had interesting concepts for and he would consult on these. From here though, a game development role was created so that people creating rooms had someone to go to in order to make sure the theming of the room was on point, this expanded to a game development team and we even created a secondment of lsquo;Puzzle Masterrsquo; so that therersquo;s a person to consult with to make puzzles to suit the type of game you want to create. Therersquo;s so much development happening all the time, and it hasnrsquo;t stopped now. Even as I type this there are people developing two new games at our High Street site, that wersquo;ll announce soon (#Teaser), and a team in Cardiff about to open our brand new centre there tomorrow (this means wersquo;re international now, yes?). Cardiff is starting life with our Sabotage and Classified games, but no doubt will start to grow at the exponential rate Manchester and Liverpool did. We canrsquo;t wait to get to know the new additions to the Breakout family. All this. ALL of this started from two games, in a site without signs that no one could find, with a concept no one understood. We started with Virus, we started with John Monroe, we started with three young members of staff and after all of this, itrsquo;s important for the 1 director, 13 managers and 55 game operators to remember those lovely, tiny beginnings.nbsp; Tue, 31 May 2016 20:37:30 +0000 Breakout Liverpool is the perfect family activity With the summer holidays quickly approaching, it can be difficult to find fun and interesting activities to do with your family to keep your children entertained over the summer months. Since the British summer mostly consists of rain, this in turn makes the task a lot more difficult for you parents out there, but don't worry as we are here to help you. We are a fun indoor activity which will keep your children entertained whilst also getting their brains active too! What better way to bond as a family than being locked inside a room together for 60 minutes and the only way to escape is by working together as a team! Although our rooms are mostly designed for adults, children have lots of fun when playing our rooms, but certain ages find some of the puzzles a bit difficult. Due to this, we recommend the minimum age to partake in the room is 10 with an adult in the room with them, and the minimum age to partake in the room without an adult is 16. Our rooms are perfect for families as it requires you to work as a team in order to escape, and our puzzles require mental abilities such as problem solving, numerical knowledge, common sense and a side order of riddles. These puzzles help get your childrens brains working without them even realising, as they are so caught up in the moment and focused on trying to escape. Our escape rooms are a great alternative from going to other indoor activies, such as the cinema, as it helps keep everyone on their feet and get their brains working. All of our rooms are equipped with CCTV cameras so if you all hit a brick wall and need a bit of help, your game operator will send you a cryptic clue through to the TV screen in the room to help give you a nudge in the right direction.nbsp; Our rooms also offer a sense of competition too, so if you and another family both wanted to play, you could race against each other in different rooms to see who will escape first. Alternatively, if you wanted to make it more even by playing the same room at the same time, our Manchester second site just introduced their new Re:Classified game where both groups are in identical rooms racing to beat the other team! A couple of our rooms may be too difficult or unsuitable for younger children, but our Shipwrecked, Wanted, Cursed Carnival and Classified rooms are perfect for all ages, so you parents can get involved too! Sometimes you may find that your children will end up being a lot better than you inside these rooms, so you should also be prepared for that. I once ran a game for a family where the parents contributed almost nothing whilst the kids pretty much done everything themselves, so parents; be warned! If you are out of the city during the summer and are lost for something to do, our Cursed Carnival room has just opened up in our Cardiff site, so why not go check that out too? So if you wake up one day this summer and you are greeted with the rain hitting your windows (once again), and you have run out of ideas to keep your children entertained, go straight over to our website,nbsp;pick a room to play, and then book it! Don't worry, we will always be here to offer you a lifeline when the weather decides to postpone all outdoor activities. Mon, 01 Aug 2016 13:34:38 +0000 Keep fresh carry on As you may have noticed, October was a busy month for all 3 of our Breakout sites. We opened a new room in each city we are based in. We opened The Heist in Liverpool, Manchester opened Captured and Cardiff opened Disturbed. The Heist is the 7th room to come to Liverpool and throws you into a scenario in which you are a team of elite bank robbers in the midst of your most daring heist ever. You have reached the legendary vault of the Locke and Quay Treasury - rumoured to house the fabled private depository of one of their richest clients. You have 60 minutes to raid the vault and make your escape before the back up security systems seal your fate forever. The process of opening a new room is very exciting for us and we love working towards bringing you guys the best possible rooms to play in! The process always begins when a property is purchased, we take a look at the layout of the building and work out how many rooms we can fit in there so that we know for future reference. Once wersquo;ve moved into the property, we can then start opening new rooms on a regular basis. This is important to us as we like bringing you new and exhilarating rooms you can immerse yourself into and it keeps us fresh and reminds us that wersquo;re always able to learn. Once wersquo;re ready to open a new room, we start the process with an empty slate, and collect ideas around all members of staff on what the theme of the room should be. This is important as itrsquo;s great to hear everyonersquo;s ideas, and it also helps create even newer ideas by bouncing different concepts off each other. Once everyone has had their say on the new room, a team is then put together to solely focus on creating the room. The team then get together to decide on a vague storyline for the room to give everyone a basic idea on how the puzzles should link with the storyline, and how the decoration of the room should look. A project manager is chosen who works with each individual member of the team to help ensure that all deadlines are met and that all areas of the room are as good as they can be. Next, our puzzle master works on creating the most important part of our rooms ndash; THE PUZZLES! The puzzle masters job is to (yes, you guessed it!) create all puzzles which will go into the room for you guys to sink your teeth into. This task involves a lot of pressure, as you can imagine, just think of an escape room in which the puzzles arenrsquo;t great, but our puzzle master always pulls through for us which is why you love our rooms so much! Once the Puzzle Master has formed an idea of the game play, itrsquo;s time for the game development team to make everything hit the theme. These guys make our rooms look incredible, and make you feel truly immersed in the storyline. They order paints, wallpaper, decorations, props and also your favourite things everhellip; red herrings! Once everything is good and ready to go, test games are held for all staff members. These are very important as it helps to highlight any issues there are with the game, such as puzzles which donrsquo;t work or are too difficult, or where the storyline needs tweaking to match the room a bit more. The test games also help us get a better idea of what difficulty rating the room will be, as we can look at the success rate from the first wave of test games and decide whether more puzzles need to be added to make it a bit more difficult, or take out smaller puzzles to make it a little easier. Once the test games are finished, the room is ready to open for the public, which is where you guys play your part! We would love to hear any feedback you have from playing our new rooms, so be sure to get in touch and tell us what you enjoyed most about our new room. If you are yet to play any, be sure to head over to shy;our Liverpool, Manchester or Cardiff sites to book now! Fri, 04 Nov 2016 13:25:17 +0000 Why not lock up a loved one this Christmas? Stuck for Christmas present ideas? Why not try Breakout! Christmas is fast approaching, and everyone knows at least one person who is difficult to buy gifts for. Whether you're sick of buying soap, candles and socks, a game at Breakout can be a great alternative present. Our games are the perfect gift for that fussy friend or family member - we lock them in a room for an hour and test their brain power with our puzzles, riddles and clues to see if they can escape. It's much more exciting than yet another rainy-day boardgame, with the bonus of our rooms being toasty warm while the Winter weather keeps us all indoors. Group sizes can range between two to five players in a room, so you can even come along to play with whoever you buy the game for (if they want you on their team, that is!). You can either book directly and send them off, or you can phone whichever city interests you and ask them to email you a voucher after you've purchased the game! With a wide variety of difficulty levels in our rooms, you can even choose how challenging you want the game to be. So if you want to test how clever your family members really are, you could go for a five-star difficulty room like Sabotage (in Manchester,nbsp;Liverpoolnbsp;andnbsp;Cardiff) or Madchester (in Manchester). Or if you want to be kind and start them off with something easier, our three-star rooms like Identify (innbsp;Chester), Cursed Carnival or The Detective Office might be the best place to begin. If you know someone who has been down to play our games before and are keen to return for another round of escaping, they might enjoy a medium level of difficulty such as our four-star rooms Virus, The Facility or Wanted so they can put their skills to the test yet again. There's also the option of choosing your room by theme based on what your friend or family member would enjoy more - got a cousin who is a massive fan of the seven seas an all things pirate-y? Then Shipwrecked in our Liverpool centre would be perfect! The team of treasure hunters are to sneak on board the wreck of the Soldado, haunted by the ghostly Captain Chivers - steal his treasure within an hour and live to tell the tale, if not then become part of the skeleton crew! Or if you have a friend who is a big fans of crime dramas, then Cardiff's newest room would be the perfect gift to buy for them. In Disturbed, the team discover a gruesome crime scene in a warehouse, the last known whereabouts of PC Richards who has been missing for over a week. Investigate the scene and work out what happened to make your escape! With our centres being based in city centre locations in Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff and our newest addition in Chester, you can easily make a day of treating that special someone who already has everything! You could add a game of Breakout to the list of activities for the day as each game lasts for an hour, so if you're giving the gift of a day out in the city, a stop off at Breakout can be a nice break from the cold weather of the Christmas markets or a way to get your brain into gear after a meal out. We're open from 10am to 10pm seven days a week, so even if the person who receives a game with us a gift is always busy, it should be easy to find a time that suits them to come down and play! If this is your thing then visit the website of the city you're interested in sending your loved ones to now! Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:13:29 +0000 Red Bull at Breakout Every year the giants that are Red Bull create hundreds of fantastic competitive events. These span a plethora of activities, such as surfing, skating, the Flugtag and, a personal favourite, the Soap Box Race, to name a few. There are thousands of competitive events around the world, but Red Bull manage to bring something extra to theirs and create an infectious atmosphere that audiences are drawn into even if they're watching on a screen thousands of miles away. This year Red Bull created thenbsp;M1NDG4M3RSnbsp;event 'Mission Enoch', which involved releasing some brain games / mental strategy puzzles online and ranking people as they played them. These were logic based visual puzzles that were very hands on and involved you creating trails from one point to another or moving obstacles to clear them. While gamers enjoyed taking on the challenges posed by these games, results from them were used to create a leaderboard and the top twenty players from each country were invited to their nearest LIVE qualifying event. We were really intrigued about the whole premise of this event, but were even more excited when we were chosen to host both the UK qualifiers at ournbsp;Breakout Manchesternbsp;High Street centre on December 5th andnbsp;Breakout Cardiffnbsp;on December 7th. Red Bull fridges arrived on each of our premises (evennbsp;Breakout Liverpoolnbsp;got to join the fun) in order to promote the event and each centre found different puzzles our customers had to solve to access a free drink before their games. The night before our qualifiers, Red Bull arrived equipment in tow and spent the evening setting up the interactive 'cube' that would be the basis of the live event. After a few hours of watching mystery screens and wires disappearing from our reception into Reclassified in Manchester and Classified in Cardiff, the set up was done and we all got to go home and await the following day for the public to arrive. In the morning yet more pieces of equipment arrived; desks, laptops, fridges (FILLED with Red Bull for the gamers) and a huge team from the Red Bull Events division. We were ready to go. Throughout the day gamers would arrive and try their hand at the qualifier. Some of these were Wild Card teams, simply turning up to have a go and, of course, the leaderboard gamers themselves. One by one, teams of four disappeared into our newly kitted out rooms and spent twenty minutes trying to take the puzzles down through its various stages. This conception was designed using logic, creativity, visual thinking and strategy, similar to the processed BReakout base our game play on when we're in design.nbsp;@RedBullMindGamenbsp;and@RedBullUKnbsp;tweeted about the event as the day progressed and teams could also tweet in their various results and lay the gauntlet down without knowing how they themselves had yet ranked. The competition was fierce, the stakes were high, but the ultimte result was just fun, fun and fun.At the end of the day the team to have succeeded in the quickest time were deemed the winners of that qualifier and got to progress to the next round. The final stage of these qualifiers is in March next year and is a unique escape game tournament being held in BUDAPEST! The idea of a trip to Budapest is already amazing, but what got us giddy is how fitting it is as Hungary is where the concept of live escape games had its inception. This industry view Budapest as the spiritual home of what we do, so it feels so right tht this is where this event would end. There is a reason Red Bull are at the forefront of what they do. Tue, 13 Dec 2016 15:07:01 +0000 Things to do on the perfect day in Liverpool Liverpool is a city with rich heritage and history, and since its big revamp due to the capital of culture title in 2008, it is now currently a thriving city filled with all types of new businesses popping up around the centre and surrounding areas. For this blog we have gathered the wisdom of our game operators to find out their favourite things to do around the city as well as any hidden gems they may know of. With this information, we have been able to create this post which outlines the perfect day and night in Liverpool. Every day has got to be started right, and the best way to do that is by having the most important meal of the day, which is breakfast. The best place to do this is at Rococo Cafeacute;. This place is kind of a hidden gem despite it being on one of the busy main streets in Liverpool city centre. This cafeacute; can be found by entering a doorway next to BHS which leads you up a staircase into the cafeacute; itself. Once entered, you can kick-start your day by tucking into a variety of different meals to start your day perfectly. Now that yoursquo;ve got all of those carbohydrates inside powering your body for the day, the best thing to do would be to put that energy to use! The next stop on your perfect day should be at Spring City Trampoline Park. Not only do spring city have almost 100 trampolines in all different sizes, they also have basketball nets and dodgeball courts to keep your blood flow pumping! After all of that exercise yoursquo;re bound to have worked up a bit of an appetite, and I hope yoursquo;re hungry, as Lucha Libre has the perfect lunch time menu for you. Depending on how much of an appetite yoursquo;ve worked up, you can choose from a range of burritos, chicken wings, burgers, nachos or even salads. With a little bit of time before your evenings events, why not spend an hour down at Breakout Liverpool? We have got 7 different themed escape rooms to choose from at various different difficulty levels, so depending on what sort of challenge yoursquo;re looking for, we can accommodate to you! If you managed to breakout with a decent bit of time left on the clock, you will have some spare time to check out the culture Liverpool has to offer. This city has various museums and art galleries to keep your culture tastebuds tingling.nbsp; Solving puzzles can be tiring, so by now yoursquo;re probably hungry again, so itrsquo;s time for the main event. It can be difficult to choose what you want to eat for your biggest meal of the day, which is why we are going to give you two recommendations, because we're nice like that! If you want something exotic and spicy, you should go grab a bite to eat at Mowgli which boasts casual Indian small plates in a street food style setting. Your food will be served like tapas, in small plates and brought out as and when it is ready to be served. The Mowgli menu has an array of different tastes of India, and donrsquo;t forget about the whole vegan menu they have to offer too! If you want something meaty, look no further than Cowshed. This is a fairly new establishment situated on Seel Street, and they offer arguably the best steak Liverpool has to offer.nbsp; Now that yoursquo;re ready for the night ahead, there is no other place to go than Bongos Bingo which is arguably the biggest, best and most popular night Liverpool has to offer. Forget the bingo your Nan knows and loves, Bongos Bingo has refreshed and revitalised bingo, with ridiculous prizes on offer and intermittent rave rounds, this event will make you wish all Gala Bingos around the country were exactly like this! Whether yoursquo;re spending your winnings or drowning your sorrows as you were 1 number off a full house, you will be looking to continue your evening in a bar or club. Liverpool is a city renowned for its nightlife so it is difficult to point you in the direction of one specific place to end your night, so if yoursquo;re looking to dance to some old school Ramp;B Maya or Brooklyn Mixer is the place for you. Whereas if yoursquo;re looking to sing along to some rock and indie, look no further than Mojo. This selection of fantastic local amp; national businesses will hopefully make your visit to Liverpool very eventful and one to definitely remember! Wed, 01 Mar 2017 15:11:04 +0000 Breakout's next Charity Day is Thursday 30th March 2017 Itrsquo;s that time of year again where Breakout try to pay back to the community. The two charity days we hold each year are really important to Breakout and who we are, because wersquo;re aware we wouldnrsquo;t be here without the people of the cities wersquo;re based in. We held our first charity day in April 2015 at our flagship Manchester branch and each time wersquo;ve done one since itrsquo;s got bigger and bigger, and now involves the sales of all of our rooms becoming charitable donations and a way of getting local charities actively involved in what we do. And by all our rooms we mean at all four cities, so thatrsquo;s Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff and Chester all trying to help in the small way we can. In 2016 we raised over pound;6000 with our charity days and we strive to smash that target this year as well. We dedicate certain rooms to the different charities, and then any sales during the day time from that game become donations for them. In the evenings we tend to give these games to the charities themselves to do with as they will. Some sell them on to members and patrons, others get sponsorship for their service users to play and some even raffle their games off. It is completely free for them to do as they will. Selecting our charities is a careful process, there are some that are just close to our hearts and others that we find from the local area (as much as possible). This time around the charities wersquo;re working with are: Barnardorsquo;s, Zoersquo;s Place and Clatterbridge Cancer Trust Barnardo's is a charity working to improve the lives of vulnerable children and young people. They provide services to aid these children, but also work hard to campaign for positive change and conduct research in the area. They work to help every child achieve their full potential despite whatever has lead to Barnardorsquo;s intervention with them, be that poverty, disability, domestic abuse or sexual exploitation. Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is a Liverpool based hospital providing specialist cancer treatments to people from the Merseyside and Cheshire areas. They deal with over 30,000 patients a year across their ten sites, which provide pioneering chemotherapy, radiotherapy and proton therapy treatments. As well as providing specialist treatments the Clatterbridge also fund vital research in the area. Zoe's Place provide palliative, respite and end-of-life care to infants from birth to 5 years who are suffering from a life-limiting disease or something that they may not recover from. Zoe's Place strive to provide a safe home-from-home environment for their patients and their families. Between now and the date wersquo;ll release on twitter which games support which charities, but all of them are fantastic causes so there really is no better time to play than our charity day! nbsp; nbsp; Wed, 15 Mar 2017 18:48:24 +0000 "I'm clever I'll get out in 10 minutes" From time to time, our customers tend to underestimate the difficulty of our escape rooms. We respect the bravery of the teams who have never played an escape room before but want to tackle our most difficult room. Itrsquo;s not impossible and has been done before, but the odds are stacked against them. Statistically, our most difficult room (Sabotage) currently stands at a 27% success rate. Meaning that out of 2,468 teams that have attempted it, only 669 have escaped! Now yoursquo;d expect this from a 5 star difficulty rated room, but when you see a 2 star difficulty rated room, yoursquo;d expect the success rate to be almost at 100%, right? Wrong! Our easiest room Cursed Carnival at 2 star difficulty rating has a 77% success rate, with 1406 teams escaping and 416 failing to escape. So even our easiest room is difficult and can be a struggle to escape from. Sometimes the simplest puzzles can get a team stuck for a while, whereas another group will come in and complete it instantly. This is down to the atmosphere in the room, the music in the background and your own team mates stressing you out. I imagine our rooms would be a little easier without atmospheric music playing, but what fun would that be?! Different rooms may feel more difficult than others depending on the people you decide to play with and the types of puzzle which are in the room. Speaking from personal experience: in the past, I have found a 3 star room more difficult than 4 star rooms. We have also had customers escape from a 4 star room and state that the 2 star room theyrsquo;ve just played was more difficult than the 4 star room. This may be because if you enter a room knowing how ldquo;easyrdquo; it is, can make you overthink things and expect everything to be a walk in the park, when in reality, itrsquo;s still going to challenge your brain. Now for the title of the blog; ldquo;Irsquo;m clever, Irsquo;ll get out in 10 minutesrdquo;, if we had pound;10 for every time we had heard a customer jokingly say this, wersquo;d be pretty rich! If we had pound;10 every time we saw this quote ring true, wersquo;d have nothing! The remainder of our rooms success rates are as follows: Wanted: Cowboys: 62.91%, Wanted: Indians 29.25%, Classified 56.07%, The Facility 45.46%, Shipwrecked 69.97% and The Heist 67.85%. Most of our rooms success rates are over 50%, with only 3 rooms being under this figure. So if yoursquo;d like to ease your way into our rooms, try our Cursed Carnival room first, but if yoursquo;d like to take on the challenge of our hardest room at your first attempt, feel free to get stuck into Sabotage! Fri, 05 May 2017 09:39:06 +0000 Bring your family to Breakout! The Summer holidays are just around the corner, and unless you're one of the lucky people who will be going on holiday, then it can be hard to find activities to fill those 6 weeks with the whole family at home. If you think you could stand being locked in a room with your kids for an hour, then Breakout is definitely a great activity for everyone in the family to enjoy! The puzzles can really get the whole team thinking and working together, and is the perfect indoor activities for those rainy days when you'd be otherwise stuck at home. While our rooms are mostly designed for teenage aged players and upwards, the puzzles can definitely be completed by younger children ndash; sometimes they're better at the games than adults! Every room is designed to require an element of teamwork, from putting your heads together to solve a riddle, to working together collecting items around the room, there is bound to be something everyone in the team can work out! Whether you're a group of seasoned escape room players or a bunch of beginners, Breakout Liverpool now has seven rooms each with a varying difficulty level ndash; from the 2 star Cursed Carnival to the 5 star Sabotage, it will be easy to find a theme and difficulty that suits your team. If you're not too bothered about difficulty levels of the rooms, you can always choose your game based on your favourite theme; we have everything from an old sea captain's lost treasure in Shipwrecked, to a fast-paced bank robbery in The Heist! Each room's puzzles are based around their theme, for example Cursed Carnival's story is that the group are returning a cursed prize to its home in the fairground ndash; the puzzles are themed around carnival games, tarot cards and the spooky settings that come with an abandoned carnival. Players with a fear of clowns will be happy to hear there are none in Cursed Carnival, so they can play free of the fear of a clown popping up during the game! On the other hand, if you choose the play the cowboys side of Wanted, the puzzles are centred around its Wild West theme ndash; think old saloon bars and back-room poker games. If your teammates are big fans of Clint Eastwood then Wanted is a great game to play! Some themes may not be suitable for groups with younger players, such as our room The Facility, which has a recommended minimum age of 16 ndash; this is due to the horror theme of the game which may be scary to some children. At the accompanying adultsrsquo; discretion, kids can play The Facility but it may not be suitable for very young children ndash; There is a fake 'corpse' in the game, and a very spooky, atmospheric soundtrack that even catches some of our game operators off guard! If the kids donrsquo;t want to play without an adult cramping their style during the game, please note that Breakout's policy does require an adult on site if a team of under-16s want to play. If someone aged 16 or over is in the room with the rest of the group, then adult supervision is not required. If Breakout seems to meet the needs of your family day out or you find yourself with some spare time in Liverpool city centre, then come on over to play! You can check the different rooms we have on our website. But donrsquo;t forget our Manchester, Chester and Cardiff branches if you find yourself that way as well! Mon, 10 Jul 2017 13:11:45 +0000 Breakout Liverpool is doubling in size! If you havenrsquo;t heard by now, our big announcement is that we have acquired the first floor of our current location on Sir Thomas Street. We have been trying to keep this news on the down low for a while, but wersquo;re now ecstatic that the cat is out of the bag! Now that wersquo;ve got a whole new floor in the building, this news means that wersquo;re doubling in size. As we speak, the builders are doing what they do best and working hard to get the rooms ready for the grand opening on Friday 21st July ! From the grand opening, 2 new games will be available to book and play. To begin with, we will be bringing some familiar faces over from our Manchester site, then eventually down the line, we will be bringing you some brand new exciting rooms to get your brains stuck into! The familiar faces you can expect to see are The Detective Office and Vacancy! The Detective Office will be opened twice, so for all you avid race room fans, you can play the exact same room as your friends next door, and see who can escape first! These rooms are available to book on our website now, so head on over and secure your slots now! This expansion doesnrsquo;t only benefit us and our customers, it is also helping create new jobs in the city, as we have hired numerous new employees to help with the new workload. Additionally, wersquo;re helping create further work for local builders and electricians as these are currently being hired to do the most important job in building our new rooms! These builders will be hired on very frequent occasions each month as there is a lot of work to be done upstairs. Without this expansion, these jobs would not have been created, meaning that this news is providing benefits for the local community too. Not only does the new floor mean that wersquo;re doubling in size and still remaining the biggest and best escape room in Liverpool, it also means we have the potential to be the biggest escape room in Europe! Once all 8 rooms are open upstairs, we will have 15 rooms in total in our centre, meaning we will be the biggest escape room in the UK, and potentially the biggest in Europe! This is obviously HUGE news, and we would like to thank all of your for your continued support and custom. We have come a long way from opening back in March 2015 with just 2 rooms, and we wouldnrsquo;t be where we are without your continued support! Finally, keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as we will be posting more competitions in the coming weeks to celebrate the opening of our new rooms! We look forward to seeing your familiar faces in our new rooms in the next few months, and even some new faces too! Tue, 11 Jul 2017 20:28:52 +0000 Family days out in Liverpool The summer holidays are almost over, and with two more weeks of freedom the kids are bound to be getting bored before school starts up again! Worry not, as we have got a list of things to fill a few days in Liverpool, from food to things to do and see. If you're on a budget, all the museums in Liverpool are free to enter. The World Museum has five floors full of interesting stuff, such as dinosaurs, insects, an aquarium and a planetarium, so there's definitely going to be something to keep everyone in the family interested. Just up the road from the museum is the Walker Art Gallery, which has plenty of things to see and some lovely art to browse on a rainy afternoon, and sometimes they hold clubs and activities for kids to join in with. For a more active day out, there's always the Nerf Centre just a short walk from the city centre. Perfect for if the kids are climbing the walls on a rainy day, take them to the Nerf Centre to let out some boredom! If you're not so much into shooting nerf pellets at your family or friends, then Breakout Liverpool is also a great activity to include in a day out to the city. Located on Sir Thomas Street just a 5 minute walk from Liverpool One, pop in to Breakout to try one of our ten rooms! There are a variety of themes and difficulty levels to choose from, so if you're an experienced escape artist or completely new to the concept there will be something to suit your team. We also have centres in Manchester, Chester and Cardiff so if you're off for a day out to any of those cities be sure to check them out! Escaping a room can be a big challenge, so your team will probably be hungry after ndash; for a bite to eat post-game, head over to Wagamama in Liverpool One for some Asian-inspired food. Their menu has a huge range to choose from and there's even a kids menu for the little ones. If you're looking for something new to try, the Baltic Market recently opened in the old Cain's Brewery. There are multiple food vendors to choose from including burgers, veggie fast food and the amazing bubble waffles that you may have seen photos of all over the internet! Foodies will love the choice of independent stalls to choose from. At the moment it's only open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday so it's a perfect end of week treat. For a more touristy day out, the Albert Dock offers a great bit of Liverpool history, including the Beatles Story and the Maritime museum. Sometimes there's even a boat docked outside the museum that you can go on board and have a look around, which is always a great opportunity to let out your inner pirate! So if the next few weeks on your calendar are looking empty, head over to our website and book a room! Hopefully now you've got some inspiration for a great day out, whatever the weather. Mon, 21 Aug 2017 13:29:46 +0000 'Tis the season to be scary! The first orange leaves have fallen from the trees, which means Halloween is just around the corner. Get your pumpkins carved and your faces painted, because Breakout are celebrating in style this year! Breakout Liverpool have spookified Shipwrecked ready for Halloween celebrations this year, look out for cobwebs, creepy ghouls and maybe a few hidden surprises along the way... Can you find Captain Chivers' treasure before his ghost finds you? If you've already played Shipwrecked, then we have some ready-to-scare rooms that are creepy all year round; The Facility and Vacancy. The Facility is based in the laboratory of Doctor Andrews; a reclusive scientist known for his unorthodox experiments. In the past few months, he has been working on a new experiment which is ready for human testing, and unsuspecting victims have been seen going into the lab but not returning. Or you can always check in to the Crimson Lake Motel in Vacancy ndash; don't be put off by the guestbook, it's normal for guests to never check out here... So put down your bags, get some rest, or try to escape before the killer finds you! If you're not close by to Liverpool, our sites in Manchester, Chester and Cardiff have their own versions of games fit for a ghoul. Manchester and Chester both have a copy of Vacancy, and Chester, Manchester and Cardiff have their own copies of Disturbed. So if one of these spooky settings has caught your eye, make sure you book in soon to make your Halloween extra creepy ndash; who doesn't love being locked in a room on the scariest night of the year? Mon, 23 Oct 2017 12:29:19 +0000 Error

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